Am I limited to requesting one item per ticket?

We encourage you to submit as many items per ticket as you desire. You are not limited to one at a time.

Can I submit a request for a long project if it requires multiple fields and workflows?

Absolutely. We love taking on complex workflows!

Can I explain the process I want to build and you figure out what salesforce components are needed to make it work?

Tell us your vision, and we'll work on what's needed to bring it to life.

What if I submitted a request for a long process which exceeds my daily limits?

We'll start working on your process, Promptly. If at some point it exceeds your daily limit, we'll carry on once your limit has been reset. We designed our packages to where if it exceeds your daily limit; it means it’s a project that takes longer than a day to complete. 

What If I'm in need of a salesforce architect to help plan my next project?

Depending on the package you're subscribed to, you're allowed several times to schedule a call with one of our SR. SalesForce Architects. Scheduling a call is as easy as logging into your portal and submitting a ticket for an SR. Salesforce Admin. Once submitted, we'll email you a link to reserve an available time.

How do I submit tickets?

Upon sign up, you'll receive an email asking you to reset your password. Once your password it reset, you'll log into your portal and start submitting away!

What if we have an emergency?

We furnish premier support customers with a phone number to contact us in case of emergency